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5 Ways to Improve Your Restaurant's Customer Service with Mobile Point of Sale Equipment

Mobile technology is becoming increasingly popular in restaurants, and it's not only because it adds modern feel. When used intentionally, mobile point-of-sale (POS) equipment helps create outstanding customer experience that your guests will keep coming back for.

Improved speed of service

With mobile menus, the customers can input their order as soon as they're ready without having to wait for a waiter. This kind of ordering reduces the probability of misunderstanding, as the customers can see exactly what they're choosing. The orders can then be sent directly to the head chef, the sous chef, the salad section, the dessert station, the bar or another person responsible for this type of order, so that the preparation can begin immediately.

Improved communication

A mobile POS allows adding enough information about the product to enable your staff to answer any questions about the way the food is prepared, ingredients and suitability for customers with allergies and food restrictions. The information can be easily accessed, so that even your newer waiters will be able to answer questions and offer satisfactory alternatives without having to look for senior staff to help them.

Improved accuracy

There are no more forgotten orders or illegible information on an order pad; everything is accounted for through the system, and any outstanding orders are easy to track. You won't have to tell someone that the dish they have chosen is not available and they need to choose something else. The administrator can update the menu and the availability of the items on a daily basis or as often as needed and the updates will be automatically visible on all devices.

More efficient payments

Mobile POS equipment can enable credit card payments at the table and accept payments from more than one customer at a time. This eliminates the need for the waiter to go away with the credit card or lines at the payment terminal. You can also email receipts to your customers, which is a great way for business diners to make sure they have electronic record of their expenses.

Staying in touch with your customers

The mobile menu can inform your customers of your loyalty program and invite them to input their details on the spot. You can then easily send them news and special offers for their birthdays or other occasions, as well as collect information about their preferences and add a personal touch next time they visit. 

For more information about adding new point of sale equipment to your restaurant, contact a local retailer.