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Spit Roasts | 3 Strategies To Conjure Up A Delicious Spit Roast

Hosting a spit roast party in your backyard is a great way to get your friends and family together for special occasions. While you've got everything else set up for the party, you're probably wondering how to prepare unforgettable spit roasts. Follow these strategies for conjuring up a delicious spit roast for your get-together.

Light The Fire Using Charcoal For The Best Flavour

You should ideally use charcoal lumps to heat up spit roasts because it gives the meat an appealing smoky flavour. Using heat beads or gas will not give your spit roast meat the same smoked flavour, so always rely on coal for the best results. You can start the fire easily by setting up small charcoal mounds on both sides of the spit. Once they start to burn, use a set of tongs to disperse the coal lumps across the entire spit length. Make sure that all the pieces and sections of coal are nice and hot for evenly cooking the meat. Don't add the charcoal all at once because you will need to keep adding throughout the process of cooking spit roasts.

Keep Your Marinade Simple To Bring Out The Natural Meat Flavour

While there are probably thousands of marinade recipes available, it's probably best to keep it simple to bring out the natural flavour of spit roasts. Infusing too many flavours will overpower the taste of the meat, so it's best to stick to a few ingredients. An ideal marinade for spit roasts is to mix salt, oregano, pepper and lime juice together before rubbing over the meat. You can also make small incisions to insert some garlic slithers into the meat grooves for added flavour. The trick is to let the marinade sit over the meat for a few hours or even overnight to bring out a delicious flavour that doesn't overpower the meat.

Stay Patient While The Meat Cooks

Cooking spit roasts requires patience because this slow cook style takes time to ensure that the meat is thoroughly cooked. You also need to ensure that the meat is well placed in the middle of the revolving spike for even cooking. Keep an eye on the meat. Bubbles appearing on the skin are indications that the meat is now cooking. The cooking process for spit roasts will take a few hours. Once you are satisfied that the meat is cooked, let it rest for a few minutes before you begin the carving process. This resting period will let the juices and flavour settle in the meat.

Follow these strategies for conjuring up delicious spit roasts for parties. If you need help, contact a company like Victorian Golden Roast.